The Public and Non-profit Sector

Shaping the digital future

Everyone is talking about digitalization. But digitalization is not just technological change. It is all about services and processes, communications, the way and availability of servicing, and last but not least about your employees. Our experts support you shaping and using the digital potential for your organization. After all, you want to use your resources efficiently and effectively to achieve your goals. Our seasoned team of experts will always keep an eye on your specific needs and tasks.

Public Sector

Public sector organizations have always been a challenging balance between budget constraints and the demands of society and politics. The demographic is increasing the challenge year by year. In addition to traditional approaches, digitalization offers entirely new options for the future setup. Our insights from various countries help you to effectively master the challenge.

Statutory social insurance

The providers of statutory pensions, and accident and health insurance face various challenges:

  • enhance or introduce customer centricity,
  • digitalize the service portfolio
  • Increase efficiency through automation and digitalization of operational processes.

Predictive analytics methods can help to handle and utilize the data treasures. Our experts are happy to assist you with their extensive industry knowledge and proven methods.

Church and Non-profit Organizations

Churches and NPOs are affected more strongly by societal and political developments than business enterprises. Tax revenues and the amount of public subsidies play an important role. Demographic trends and their impact on membership numbers, supporters and volunteers are also important factors. Financial and human resources must be used efficiently. The digitalization potential can support to ease the shortage through effiency.

Science and Research

Competition and competitive pressures are increasing. Universities, applied science and scientific institutions must raise third-party funds, seek funding programs, and attract thebest talent. With millennials, a new generation is reaching universities. They have different expectations and digital natives. Shaping future means using technological change effectively for strategic advantage.