Paper and packaging industry

Actively leveraging growth opportunities

The paper and packaging industry has proven to continuously deliver stable growth rates. The growth in e-commerce has led to high demand for paper and packaging. At the same time, this sector faces rapid changes: Topics such as the call for sustainability, fast-changing consumer behavior, increasing competitiveness and continued market consolidation impose major challenges for paper and packaging companies.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Enabling future-fit business transformation

The paper and packaging industry is under high pressure to evolve, which makes a gradual transformation of your company absolutely essential. Sustainable packaging solutions that visibly increase customer value will become a viable factor of your success. Further industry-specific challenges include intense competition, which calls for an increase in efficiency in direct and administrative areas, improved effectiveness in product development and better market cultivation. With our in-depth industry knowledge and our network of industry experts, we will guide you through your individual challenges.

Our expertise

Developing and anchoring holistic solutions

With our broad and practice-oriented solution portfolio, we will support you in a holistic and sustainable corporate development: 

  • Reshape strategy – develop and review of your business strategy using our proven strategic excellence approach
  • Target sustainability – develop and anchor a sustainability strategy throughout your organization
  • Steer innovation, unlock revenue opportunities and new business models – manage innovation processes and portfolios to develop new products and business models 
  • Realize market potentials – leverage market opportunities through sales and growth strategies, enable high-performance sales organizations and processes by leveraging pricing potentials
  • Align organization and processes – establish efficient and effective organizational and procedural structures and actively manage post-merger integrations
  • Implement effective and efficient value chains – maximize operational excellence across all levels and departments and improve supply chain integration
  • Optimize financial performance management – through targeted profitability optimization and an efficient cost management at appropriate risk levels
  • Establish integrated performance management – through tailored management control systems, from reporting and planning to cost accounting and introducing new systems

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