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Rising demand, digitalization, sustainability, scaling of the supply chain and the organization directly affect industry as a provider and government as a buyer of defense products and associated services. The traditional long product life cycles are increasingly challenged by volatile security situations. Accelerated product development, agility in all organizational units and new competitors pose risks to those who are unwilling to critically challenge and adapt their business models and value chains. Only with appropriate adjustments in these areas can companies remain competitive, resilient and profitable in the long term. In the defense industry in particular, the state plays a crucial role as a customer, including by designing a positive market environment in line with its interests.

Proactive and adaptive strategic decision-making, coupled with operational excellence, is critical to the success of your business. In a particularly dynamic market environment, it is essential to fully identify trends early on. Our industry experts contribute valuable experience from industry, military and consulting. Thanks to the diversity of their background and knowledge, they can offer you holistic and practical support, particularly in the areas of “market”, “product life cycle”, “organization”, “supply chain” and “strategy”.

Defense industry

Seize opportunities and safeguard production

The defense market will grow significantly and steadily over the next decade. Strong demand is a major challenge for the entire industry. It is important to identify and seize opportunities to strengthen or expand your own market position.

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Optimize procurement to shape industry

The budget items for defense expenditure are considerable. Beyond the primary purpose of “defense”, investment in defense goods and associated research and development can deliver direct economic momentum and promote downstream value-added. To unlock the full potential, appropriate strategies must be developed and applied. Governmental organization and processes must be designed to be efficient, transparent and responsive.

Our consultants can support you in many areas, including the following:


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