Consumer Electronics and High Tech

Linking smart products with innovative services

Connectivity, voice control, and artificial intelligence: Smart products can no longer be overlooked in the everyday world of the consumer electronics and high tech industry. At the same time, companies are facing great challenges. Driven by digitization, “smarter” applications are becoming increasingly important for large and small devices. In this dynamic industry, smart products and product support services are the way to differentiation. The trend to provide a holistic customer experience, a simple ordering process, and quick delivery requires you to implement new sales and pricing strategies.

Future company strategies

Implementing business and sales strategies

Increasing customer requirements, high-performing and innovative products at constant or declining willingness to pay: Our experts help you to keep up with these trends. Together with you, we develop a business and sales strategy that considers your company as a whole.

Industry expertise

Developing innovative solutions for strategy and control

As a result of a large number of projects, we are very familiar with the challenges facing the industry and can offer you proven solutions. We support you from concept phase to implementation. The benefit for you:

  • Using our proven sales performance excellence approach, you will be able to successfully master the challenges of the digital customer interface.
  • We improve transparency over product costs and margins considering the global value creation chain and the entire lifecycle.
  • We assist you in your digital transformation using big data analyses and machine learning algorithms.
  • Our proven shared service center and cost engineering approach enables you to optimize your costs.