Digital Operations

Making digitalization tangible and achieving measurable success

Technical innovations offer huge potential in production and throughout the entire supply chain. However, many companies are not yet taking advantage of these new opportunities. Our experts have developed a holistic and proven process model to support you in identifying and implementing the opportunities offered by digitalization within your company. We assist you in effectively maximizing this potential for your success with regard to cost optimization, increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Digital Operations Framework

Creating decisive competitive advantages through digitalization

When looking at digitalization, companies are faced with a plethora of different action areas and critical success factors. If your company is to achieve the success you are aiming for, you need an approach that is tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experienced consultants will support you all the way – from the evaluation, prioritization and (re)definition of your digitalization measures, to issues concerning the effects of technologies on the operating model.

Modular Solution Approach

Benefit from our methodological competence, innovative strength and technological expertise

Based on our project experience, we have developed a modular solution portfolio to support you in effectively implementing digital transformation within your company. Our experts use a comprehensive set of methods and tools to advance the identified focus topics efficiently and in a target-oriented manner. In addition to providing content support for digitalization topics and creating use cases for your company, we work on integrating digitalization potential along the entire end-to-end value chain. Digital transformation can only be successfully implemented by taking a holistic view:

  1. Together with you we design the strategy and the target picture for the digitalization of your Operations area.
  2. By deriving the relevant levers, we identify high-impact measures along the end-to-end value chain
  3. We evaluate those measures based on selected criteria and by means of an impact assessment.
  4. For this purpose, we develop different business case scenarios and verify these by means of sensitivity and environment analyses.
  5. Alongside these activities we also implement change-related strategies to ensure acceptance within the organization.
  6. We develop prototypes (e.g. a minimum viable product) as proofs of concept and validate their impact and outcomes.
  7. For the implementation, we develop a detailed roadmap to realize the available potentials.

Horváth Directions - Issue 01/2020

Focus: Digital Operations