Status quo

Determining your own point of view

For many companies, it’s worth taking a look at the competition or the innovation leaders in other industries to draw inspiration or simply to get a sense of your own status quo. Over the past few years, we have designed and professionalized tailored assessments and consulting methods that can quickly indicate the improvement potentials in your innovation management.

Innovation management

Effectively establishing end-to-end innovation processes and structures

Our consultants will support you in establishing reliable end-to-end structures and procedures for effective, efficient innovation activities. In designing innovation structures, we attach particular importance to ensuring that the mechanisms we put in place will enable you to further develop your core business and develop new market services. Digitization is no longer uncharted territory for many companies, but the number of historically accrued digital channels can often prove difficult to keep track of. With our “Audit” app, you can systematically and quickly analyze the core drivers of the app landscape and derive recommended actions. Our “Audit” ecosystem helps us go one step further, using proven ecosystem success factors to check how your ecosystem is doing and identify improvement potentials that you can leverage when working with partners.

Innovation systems

Rapidly identifying potential for improvement

We always incorporate best practices from a variety of industries into our consultancy work, and have designed a range of tailored assessments and consultancy methods. These will help you to quickly identify any potential for improvement

  • in organizational areas such as innovation management,
  • in the systematic development of disruptive ideas using accelerators and incubators,
  • or in connection with digital topics such as apps, ecosystems and platforms.

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