Innovation work

Focus on the essentials

Blurring industry boundaries, dynamic competitive environments and increasing information density: One of the core tasks of innovation management is to concentrate on the essentials. Our consultants will help you to start working on the “fuzzy frontend” and filter out everything but the relevant information. This will enable you to compare ideas with company- or division-level strategy at an early stage, in order to ensure a good strategic fit and to avoid making the wrong investments.

Innovation strategy

Clarify strategic issues early on

The innovation strategy is part of the corporate strategy and should ideally contribute to it. Working with you, we will address the following key strategic questions:

  • How much innovation do you need (innovation gap)?
  • What is your innovation strategy?
  • How is your innovation portfolio aligned?

From this will emerge the foundation on which we will build your company’s innovation. The questions serve as guidelines for constantly reviewing new ideas or initiatives, which ensures that innovation remains focused and also serves as the basis for KPIs. There is no “one size fits all” solution for promoting innovation activity in terms of the way human resources, processes or units should be organized. We will define what the system looks like, what components are needed and how these should be structured. A flexible, end-to-end innovation process forms the framework for successful idea management and early steering of ideas.

Innovation projects

Making innovation measurable

Our experts will help you to make your innovation work measurable and to focus your innovation projects. The objective is to increase the visibility of innovation management in your company and so to strengthen its chances of success. In doing this, we also examine the culture of innovation and demonstrate how a strong culture contributes to the success of disruptive companies.

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