Future-proof business models

Knowing and understanding your own position

The half-life of business models is diminishing rapidly. Today, companies increasingly have to deal with the vulnerabilities in their business models and the question of whether they should choose to disrupt what is established, in order not to be overtaken by competitors. We can help you develop a new, future-proof business model, based on your strategy, organizational environment and industry specifics.

Shaping the future

Skillful analysis of action areas

Many companies are thinking about how well prepared they are for the future. It is exactly that question which first needs to be understood if you want to know how dramatically and how extensively you will need to deviate from the current course. That is where our experts come in. In a short sprint, we analyze the long-term viability of your business model and show you where there is a need for action. Based on this analysis, we will then work with you to define the areas on which you should focus your growth efforts and determine how you can best build on your efforts. We use a variety of tools to achieve this, depending on the situation and needs; from simple ideation workshops to agile modular strategy processes.

Horváth Innovation Accelerator

Testing approaches quickly and with purpose

Our experienced consultants recommend investing your energies and resources in testing, validating and pivoting your approaches – and discarding them, if necessary. That is just where our Horváth Innovation Accelerator can help. In short modules depending on the size, complexity and type of concept, we examine the potential of your business idea for the market. Of course, the actual decision on which direction to take is down to you.

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