R&D strategy, steering and performance optimization

Achieving excellence in R&D and product lifecycle management

Developing competitive and profitability strengthening innovation and product strategies, integrating digital tools and products, increasing the customer focus in the development or the performance of the R&D organization – our consultants know your needs for action and support and accompany you along the path to excellence in R&D and product lifecycle management: from product and technology strategy to product management, from product cost optimization to digital twin, from R&D performance management model to operational R&D performance.

Overview of our solutions for your fields of action

  1. Efficient and fast development processes
  2. Growth-promoting R&D organization
  3. Market-leading and profitable product portfolio
  4. Efficiency improvement in development – in the age of digitization
  5. Product cost optimization and profitability improvement

Efficient and fast development processes

Accelerate your product development: Our experts help you along every control lever to achieve an efficient and fast product engineering.

From optimization of your procedural organization to a process-oriented structural organization:

  • “Reduced development time in 100 days”
  • Increased efficiency of all interfaces along the product development processes
  • Reduced development cycles via development by sprints
  • Enabled transparent development progress and status in real time; lean reporting and decision-making processes

Growth-promoting R&D organization

Your goal is to increase the number of development projects and growth-promoting product introductions without a proportionally growing R&D organization. We help you to identify and leverage synergies within your R&D organization and development portfolio:

  • "Growth without having to grow”
  • Increasing performance of the R&D organization
  • Targeted R&D performance improvements via development controlling
  • Integrated R&D performance management models

Market-leading and profitable product portfolio

With our approach, you have full transparency over the structure, profitability or necessary optimization measures of your portfolio. With proven methods, our experts promote excellence in your product and product lifecycle management systems:

  • “Revenue diversification begins in development”
  • Generating new market and customer access by shifting existing technologies to new products
  • Improving the competitive position via profitability-based product portfolio optimizations
  • Developing new portfolio strategies and efficiently implementing and anchoring these in standard processes

Efficiency improvement in development – in the age of digitization

We cover more than your current needs when increasing your innovation strength and efficiency. With our digitization solutions, you are able to integrate digital tools like process mining and artificial intelligence, as well as digital products, services or processes into your product development:

  • “Quantity of 1 in development”
  • Increased efficiency through digital product verification
  • Increased innovation strength via higher innovation expertise and optimized resource utilization
  • Ensuring integrated development networks in the age of digitization
  • Risk management from development supplier into the factory and from product concept to market readiness

Product cost optimization and profitability improvement

With our support, you will increase your profitability or reduce your R&D costs – not only in times when market demand is declining or margins are sinking. With our proven tools, like integrated target pricing setting, target costing or accompanying product cost optimizations, we identify the most effective control levers and put them into practice:

  • “Profitability increase during stagnation out of the development”
  • Higher sales figures through customer-oriented product development
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs or investments by managing product maturity during development
  • Increased product profitability whilst simultaneously complying high customer demands and change management quality

We gladly explain our approaches in person. We are looking forward to your contact.