Lean Management

Designing efficient value chains

Lean processes are an essential factor for success. Companies that provide their products and services in an efficient and customer-focused manner have a significant competitive advantage. Our experienced team optimizes processes in production and administration with you. We show you how to realize lean approaches effectively and how to successfully establish a lean culture in your company.

Lean management approach

Implementing lean management sustainably

With our lean management approach, you are able to

  • increase your process efficiency by avoiding waste
  • optimize your processes with regards to customer needs
  • reduce costs and throughput times
  • increase the quality of your processes, products and services
  • establish a sustainable culture of improvement

The lean principles form the basis of all projects. We ensure your long term success via our lean academy. The concepts that have been developed are realized at all levels and anchored successfully with the help of your employees on site.

Cultural change

Getting employees empowered

From our many years of experience, we know that the successful implementation of lean management measures must consider a cultural change. Classic methods, such as value stream mapping, process visualization, “go to gemba”, 5S, or Six Sigma, can only be implemented when all participants are enabled via training and coaching. For this reason, our experts expand upon classic methods with feedback and coaching, problem solving, skill matrices, and performance dialogs.