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Approach to Consulting

Corporate performance management and performance optimization

Our core competences lie in the fields of Corporate Performance Management and Performance Optimization. In the field of Corporate Performance Management we design and realize processes and systems which facilitate successful, performance-based management based on strategic and operative goals, both at overall company level and for specific divisions and functions. Our Performance Optimization solutions improve the results by tapping growth potentials and deploying resources more efficiently.

We develop concepts and solutions for the entire organization, for its divisions, and for those in charge of strategy and innovation, organization and processes, sales, operations, purchasing, management accounting and control (controlling), finance, and IT. And we do this for mid-sized companies and public organizations in the same way as for large corporations from industry, retailing and the service sector.

Focus on implementation and results

We stand for project results which create sustainable benefit. For this reason, we accompany our clients from developing the business concept through to anchoring it in processes and systems.

Our approach to consulting is based on an intensive partnership and cooperation with our clients. Fair and team-oriented interaction at all levels, with a constant eye on results, leads to working solutions which our clients accept. Tailor-made training courses ensure that all employees quickly master the new concepts and changed processes.


The greatest benefit for clients is created when concepts lead to improved procedures and systems in daily work. In most cases, that requires a tailor-made business concept which combines tried-and-tested solutions with innovative ideas customized for that specific company.

We add the combination of functional know-how, knowledge of the demands of the specific industry and experience from many comparable projects to the business concept. Together with representatives from the client who have in-depth knowledge about the procedures and structures in their own company, we put together a project team that comprises all the skills necessary for designing optimal concepts.


The design phase determines whether concepts can be implemented in processes, organizations or IT systems and how costly or time-consuming they will be. According to the client’s wishes, we develop concepts ripe for implementation or assume responsibility for both concept design and implementation. In this way, the client receives solutions from a single source (one-stop shop) and the security that the concepts really work in the real world of business.

In many cases, implementation means translating concepts into IT solutions. Depending on the client’s wishes, we have two alternative approaches to supporting IT implementation. Either we are commissioned by the client to carry out project management while implementation is executed by the client’s own IT or by an IT service provider, or we assume overall responsibility for IT implementation. For the latter, we work together with partner firms from the  "Performance Alliance“ who are professional and technological specialists in the target IT systems.


However, the best concepts and the most efficient implementation can only completely manifest the intended impact when the changes
in processes and systems are understood, accepted and lived by the people in the company. As a result, transformation and change management is an absolutely essential part of Horváth & Partners implementation skill set.

The Horváth & Partners change management approach provides the mental framework for our activities in supervising change (see chart). We ensure our change goals of Involve, Enthuse, Enable and Anchor through the targeted use of extensive method sets. Ensuring an idea develops into sustainable anchoring.

Our consultant teams have many years of experience in supervising change projects and are your competent partner in the management and implementation of sustainable change. We use interdisciplinary teams to dovetail specialist, professional consulting with change management. It is often difficult to accept change and our consultants’ understanding of their role in the context of this very special situation raises the willingness to accept change and makes it easier to break down resistance. They combine hard and soft skills and use them appropriately.

We adapt our approach to the specific challenges and needs of your company. Our approach is fully scalable in terms of the concrete need for change and the size of your company.

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