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About us

The best team arises from interaction with the client.

With you we create solutions which are first and foremost one thing: Sustainably effective. Continue Below

Consulting Approach

Corporate Values

Decision-makers and experts have been choosing us for many years from among the top consulting firms. Probably because we have helped so many companies achieve top performance.

Horváth & Partners are the specialists for the corporate performance management and performance optimization of private and public sector organizations. As such we offer our clients consulting services from developing the business concept through to anchoring the solution in the company. Additionally, we also impart our knowledge through the Horváth Academy in the form of training seminars and further education events.

Our approach to consulting is based on an intensive partnership and cooperation with our clients. Fair and team-oriented interaction in the project teams, with a constant eye on results, is a key success factor especially when it comes to combining knowledge about the specific situation of the client with the external view of our experienced consultants. In this way, we develop powerful business concepts, implement them in structures, processes and IT systems, and help the employees with the transformation of the new solutions into their daily work.

We have one clear aim in everything we do: Your betterment.

We want to create value added for our clients through working solutions in every project we undertake. The benefits generated for their companies are honored frequently in the awards we win in independent studies and consultant rankings like “Best of Consulting” (WirtschaftsWoche) or “Hidden Champions of the Consulting Market” (WGMB, Prof. Fink). Above all, this means one thing for you: At Horváth & Partners there are over 900 consultants on your team, each and every one them with the entrepreneurial mindset, the focus on solutions and the hunger for successful implementation that Horváth & Partners stand for – actually there are 2,600 consultants worldwide through our membership in the Cordence Worldwide alliance.