About us

The Road to sustainable Value

Horváth is a global, independent management consultancy with more than 1,400 employees at locations in Europe, the USA, and other global markets. As a top consultancy for transformation, performance management and digitalization, we lead companies and public organizations to sustainable success and long-term value creation – as enablers, guides and companions on the Road to sustainable Value. In successful times, in challenging times, in uncertain times – always with a view to long-term and sustainable corporate success.

What makes Horváth so special?

Those who work with us can rely on us to consistently follow the Road to sustainable Value creation all the way to the finish line - relying on our four proven strengths that build on each other along the way:


Our recognized thought leadership is based on the scientific roots and the DNA of our founder Péter Horváth. Beyond our customers benefit sustainably from our proven industry and functional expertise as well as from our innovative consulting solutions.


We rely on a trusting and extremely appreciative cooperation at eye level in the team with our customers – from the C-level to the workforce. Together we always find the best and most efficient solution for your challenges as a valued long-term partner.


Today we stand for a high transformation strength and are committed to absolute delivery excellence – from the initial idea and concept to the working and accepted solution. We get things done and ensure sustainable impact far beyond corporate governance.


At the end, we ensure an outstanding return on consulting. We strive for excellent, measurable results in every single project and create clear competitive advantages for our customers, which ensures maximum satisfaction.

Global presence

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Team Horváth

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Our values

These are the values that each of us works to every day, as individuals and in teams.

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Horváth ecosystem

With a network of first-class partner companies and senior experts, we offer companies the best solution

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Core competencies

We put every project into the overall business context and do not produce stand-alone solutions.

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Partnership model

We are characterized by a self-understanding based on partnership

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