White Paper

The future of the European semiconductor industry

How Europe captures its share in a one trillion dollar market

Despite the current difficulties and shortages in semiconductor supply, the underlying drivers for semiconductor demand have structurally shifted – not only during Covid-19. It seems reasonable that worldwide semiconductor sales may reach up to one trillion dollars in 2030.  

The investment announcements of major semiconductor manufacturers raise high hopes for the location “Europe”. Whilst car makers and industrials are still contending with a global shortage of semiconductors, the European Union is continually increasing subsidies and incentives to attract further investments. Semiconductor companies now need to ask themselves two questions: How should Europe’s semiconductor industry position itself in the global marketplace? And how can they take advantage of their European site locations? 

In this white paper, we analyze the current state of Europe’s semiconductor industry. Our detailed industry analysis discusses the opportunities and risks of locating manufacturing capacities within Europe. Further, we derive strategic location perspectives for European chipmakers that will guarantee long-term profitability, building upon a distinct set of must-have site capabilities. 




Bergmann, M. / Gese, S. / Ross, P. / Sauter, R. 
Published in: White Paper, 2022



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