The untapped Potential of Indirect Sales Channels

Too little, too late: Despite 75% of world trade flowing through indirect sales channels, only a fraction of companies have the necessary partner strategies, tools and data management practices in place to harness the power of their sales partners.

Indirect sales channels refer to the sales of goods or services through third-party channels, such as retailers, distributors or resellers. While it may not be as widely discussed as some other business aspects, it is an important concept, especially for companies with complex distribution networks or those looking to expand their reach. When harnessed properly, indirect sales channels have wide-ranging benefits across the value chain, from reduced logistical complexities to lower sales costs. It stands out as being an industry-agnostic theme, but our study has revealed it has particular strategic advantage for the manufacturing, healthcare/pharma and IT&C sectors. 

Our study is the first to assess readiness for and efficiency of indirect sales channels on the Romanian market using data-backed insights. 200 companies from over 10 different industries participated in this study, revealing that while indirect sales channels impacts 80% of respondents, only 25% of them feel equipped to make the most of it. This study was conducted in partnership with Channel Advisors, a training and consulting company specialised in indirect channels, with focused experience in the CEE area. Learn more about indirect sales channels and how companies can build sustainable partner managing strategies.  

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In collaboration with: Channel Advisors 

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