Leaders on Purpose CEO Study

The understanding that the purpose of a company must be more than just earning money and making customers happy has become one of the main evolutions in business all over the globe. It is a key driver of successful strategies and some even argue that it has become the most important transformation idea since the turn of the century.

For many years, Horváth has supported ‘Leaders on Purpose’ in conducting a yearly CEO study on purpose-driven leadership in the 21st century. The study uses a scientifically rigorous lens to identify successful practices of pioneering multinational companies.

It highlights that identifying an organization’s purpose is a key first step to decode the fundamental “relevance of existence” of the company. The challenge is then to adapt strategies, business models, structures, innovation pipelines, values chains, etc. to create purpose-driven long-term-value. The study provides first-hand insights and impressive examples from purpose-driven CEOs how this can be achieved.

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