Digital Transformation in Reporting - Increasing the benefits and efficiency of reporting through digitization

Digitization is progressing with great momentum and is permanently changing the requirements and opportunities for corporate management.

Companies are in the midst of digital transformation. This year's CFO study by Horváth & Partners shows that: Four current trends are significantly changing corporate management and forcing companies to develop digital strategies in the CFO arena in order to maintain their competitiveness in the future.

As a consequence of these trends, future reporting must also be agile and forward-looking. The integration of new analyses from big data and advanced analytics opens up new opportunities to improve corporate management. However, at the same time, this integration makes reporting even more of a challenge in terms of streamlining its development and use. New organizational forms and roles are needed to implement efficient and digital reporting. In short, this means that reporting must increasingly make use of digital methods and possibilities, and measures must be adopted to reduce the actual reporting effort.