The life science sector in transition

Volatility as the new sign of the industry

For years, an increasingly volatile market environment has characterized the health and pharmaceutical industry. Stricter regulation, increasing cost pressures from social and healthcare systems, as well as a lack of innovative products or business models means new challenges for manufacturers of original medication, generic products, medical technology, and OTC products.

Research and development

Designing and managing innovation processes effectively

A clearly structured and effective innovation process is essential as an answer to the increased demand for new and better products. A space where an innovative competition driven by small companies sets the pace. We provide your company with practical approaches you can use to measure and manage the performance of your pharmaceutical and technical research and development. All innovation dimensions will be addressed in a comprehensive manner with a focus on value.

Operations as a global network

Mastering complex challenges successfully

Operations is faced with globally linked customers, suppliers, and service providers. You must successfully take on this challenge in times of supply time reductions, increasing product variety, and highly regulated quality requirements. Our experts offer you proven approaches in the areas of sales and operations, procurement, operations & supply chain control towers, and logistics network.

Commercial operations

Making new business profitable

The constantly increasing pressure on prices and the changing role of patients are just two aspects putting the traditional structures of the market to the test. Sales excellence is your foundation for a profitable business, the establishment of a driver-based sales management system a must. Patient and customer centric market approaches as well as new digital service models are becoming competitive advantages. Our comprehensive solutions approach along the entire product lifecycle helps you to successfully carry out the pending transition.

Support areas

Establishing competitive advantages through value-based frameworks

All current influences increase the complexity of your business. At the same time, your support functions strive for efficiency and lower costs. Therefore, you need to focus your profile on value-adding activities and utilize digitalization in terms of process efficiency. The Finance function in particular is a strong example with numerous areas of untapped potentials at present. Our consultants have an eye on the structural, procedural, and cultural challenges while we work together towards agile organizational structures of the future. With our strong expertise and experience, we have already supported well-known companies from the industry in their transformation process.

Point of View

Finance Integration in the Life Science Industry

More than half of all transactions still widely fail to meet their initial goals two years after the M&A integration was completed. Despite the risk of failure, an increasing number of deals and transactional volume in the Life Science Industry can be seen, making a thorough performance management integration indispensable.

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