Sustainable Operations

Understanding sustainability as a success factor in the supply chain

In addition to fundamental targets such as sales and costs, social and ecological aspects are playing an increasingly important role for companies. The topic of sustainability is gaining prominence as a management task that is critical to success, especially throughout the supply chain, with a particular focus on procurement, production and logistics. Our consultants support you in redefining sustainability and establishing innovative solutions to respond to future challenges along your value chain.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Develop strategies and evaluate measures

Our experts will accompany you in defining objectives and strategies for value creation, establishing performance indicators for operational implementation and anchoring sustainability in your organization. In addition, we evaluate measures along supply chain processes to achieve a balanced relationship between economic, ecological and social requirements for future value-add.

Effective approaches

Ensure quick wins

At operational level, we work with you to develop effective approaches that reduce your company’s social and ecological footprint and ensure quick success. Our experts focus on the following sub-disciplines for you:

  • Sustainable Product Development: Alternative raw materials, cradle-to-cradle approaches, sustainable design principles
  • Sustainable Procurement: Sustainable supplier evaluation and development, emission balancing, sustainable category strategies
  • Sustainable Production: Resource efficiency, recycle/reuse/refurbish, optimize yield/offcuts, climate-neutral infrastructure, waste management
  • Sustainable Logistics: Network optimization, load and transport optimization, packaging optimization, fleet management, alternative drive systems and fuels