Digital Supply Chain Management

Exploiting digital opportunities effectively

Predictive analytics or big data: Our studies and project experience show that technical innovations provide enormous potential, especially in supply chain management. The challenge for your company is to identify this potential. We show you how to make full use of the opportunities of digitization with regard to cost optimization, enhanced efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.

Digitization in the supply chain

Implementing automation in an efficient and targeted manner

Our team of experienced consultants helps you to further develop your supply chain digitization portfolio. We demonstrate new technological possibilities via use cases. We also assess how they affect your business performance. We combine our expertise in the area of digital solutions for supply chain management with comprehensive process know-how.

Digitization management

Effectively anchoring the digitization management

In addition to content-related support on digitization topics and use case development for your company, our experts work to integrate digitization potential along your entire end-2-end value-creation chain. This is where our experienced team takes a holistic approach. We support you in driving the digital transformation in your company efficiently::

  1. We design and define a target picture for the supply chain digitization of your company and derive a strategy from it.
  2. We define measures to achieve this target picture and evaluate effective digital expansion stages qualitatively and quantitatively.
  3. By regularly monitoring the scope, benefits, and resources, we ensure that this target picture of your digital transformation is achieved successfully and we also implement the appropriate control measures.