Ecosystems and platforms

Designing, building and operating ecosystems and platforms

In a digitalized world, business models are no longer exclusively vertical. Value creation takes the form of horizontally-structured platforms and ecosystems. As sensors are getting cheaper, the continued growth of digitalization is simplifying data collection. Companies are being faced with the challenge of realizing new business models and competitive advantages. They need to build and operate digital ecosystems and consider strategic partnerships and collaborations. Our consultants will show you how to effectively design, build and operate ecosystems and platforms and meet customer needs.

Building ecosystems

Analyzing purpose and values

Upcoming generations will scrutinize the purpose and values of your company more closely than ever before. As such, the key step in building ecosystems is to develop the “why” and the purpose of the partners involved. In this context, it is essential for partners to define a common value proposition and address it to the right customers. Furthermore, successful ecosystems are not simply horizontal or vertical integrations of products and services; they think far beyond their industry boundaries and inspire customers with new business models and greater added value for the long term. Our experts have years of experience in the development, launch and operation of business ecosystems. Our proven service portfolio will help you to work on every relevant issue in a structured and targeted manner.

Professionalization of ecosystems

Growing ecosystems

Successfully building ecosystems and operating them sustainably is not a sprint, but a marathon. Customers and partners are attracted by features which are relevant daily, and by practical added value. Especially when building your ecosystem, an ecosystem partner with a broad customer base that can help create common and unique customer value offers a decisive advantage in solving the age-old chicken-and-egg problem. Standardized interfaces and contracts speed up the integration of partners and thus the scaling of your ecosystem. Successful ecosystems also experiment continuously with new monetization models. We also support already-established ecosystems, drawing on our many years of experience to identify potential for improvement and work with you to exploit this potential.

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