Service Operations Strategy

Align service strategy in a customer-oriented manner

Services dominate modern society and also represent a significant differentiation opportunity for manufacturing companies. Your services are subject to the ever-increasing demands of customers. Simplification and transparency across all customer channels is a must for you. Customer centricity is therefore the focus of our service operations strategy. Retaining customers in the long term creates stability and predictability for you. Our experts will work with you to tailor your service strategy to your needs.

Customer Centricity

Realign control mechanisms

Service Design or Market and Customer Segmentation: Our proven service operations strategy focuses on customer centricity across all customer channels. For this reason, we focus on your operating model, your sales and fulfillment processes as well as performance management as a control mechanism.

Design parameters

Create competitive advantages and inspire customers

Our consultants have been designing corporate strategies for many years. Building on our strong cross-sector operational expertise, we develop valuable service operations strategies for you.

We consider the following key design parameters to realign your service operations strategy:

  • Sales and Service Integration
  • Digital Ecosystem
  • Customer Centricity
  • Omni Channel Management
  • Service Production and Fulfillment Processes
  • Target Operating Model
  • Performance Management