Service Operations Improvement

Increasing effectiveness and efficiency

In times of high cost pressure and strong competition, a necessary lever for success for companies is to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. You are presented with the challenge of continuously improving your processes. Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable success by applying new opportunities, such as digitalization, data analytics, and RPA. Proven approaches such as lean management or six sigma as well as the organizational anchoring of CIP (Continuous Improvement) are still essential if you want to optimize your processes.

Lean management and six sigma approaches as the basis

Implementing culture and change measures sustainably

Our experts have many years of experience and show you how to effectively increase efficiency and optimize your processes. Proven lean management and six sigma approaches are the basis for leveraging your efficiencies. These are supplemented by cross-industry best-practice processes and digital solutions. Through targeted culture and change measures, we anchor them in your organization and empower your employees.

Heat Map

Implementing optimizations successfully

We evaluate your company with a “heat map” and develop your target picture and specified project procedure together with you. We support you in the areas of:

  • process analysis, for example process mining
  • lean-based optimizations 
  • holistically implementing CIP (continuous improvement) programs and process-based organizations

Our consultants are particularly aware that the concepts worked out are filled with life at all levels and are successfully implemented together with your employees. We also apply cross-industry benchmarks and best practices.