Service Automation and Digitalization

Increasing customer centricity

The maxim of customer centricity applies to service companies and internal service departments: Satisfied customers take center stage. Individual customer demands, high expectations of availability, and versatile communication channels are changing your business models, service processes, and the tools you need. Our consultants assist you in integrating automation and digitalization in your existing processes and strengthening your focus on customer centricity effectively.

Digital operations and processes

Digitalizing business models and processes

Our experts help you to optimize your business model and processes. This creates a system in which everything works seamlessly and that achieves the highest customer satisfaction. We first analyze the current situation and work out a digitalization approach that is tailored to you. This is based on proven and innovative automation and digitalization techniques and guarantees that your process optimizations will take the future into account.

ERP tools, RPA, and algorithms

Using the right tools

Our team brings its technical expertise to bear when developing your digitalization approach. This approach always considers current trends in digitalization, standardization, and automation. This puts us in a position to

  • Implement SAP S/4HANA and robots,
  • Utilize advanced analytics to their fullest extent,
  • Use process mining for analysis, and
  • Provide you with learning algorithms, for example in operations control, with our internal steering lab.

We help you to remain competitive and put the focus on your customers.