State-of-the-art Service Operations

Designing services in the digital age

Companies in the service industry are being confronted with serious challenges. Likewise, customer expectations have grown dramatically. Service should be easy to understand, accessible through all channels and around the clock, and adapted to the customer’s individual requirements. Entirely digital and automated service operations are increasingly important for your company. The following image shows the key areas of focus of state-of-the-art service operations.

Customer centricity

Establishing effective digital service operations

Customer centricity should be anchored as a guiding principle for your future service operations. Our experts have developed an integrated approach for this purpose which includes the following topics:

  • Service operations strategy
  • Performance management for service operations
  • Service operations processes and design
  • Service production management
  • Service operations improvement
  • Service automation & digitalization
  • Process management

Service operations approach

Creating custom tailored solutions

Our consultants have tested this integrated approach for service operations many times in practice. We develop custom tailored solutions within this framework for your company. We offer you proven models you can use to achieve customer centricity. These enable you to integrate omnichannel management systems and achieve a unique customer experience. We assist you in developing the perfect customer journey. With innovative solutions like process mining, our E2E process management approach keeps things running perfectly within your company. Lean approaches are also a central component of continuous improvement. Our service production management system delivers an approach you can use to control your production capacities regardless of the resource needed (RPA and human resources).

Horváth Directions - Issue 02/2017

Focus: Automation of Service Processes