Identity and Access Management (I&AM)

Secure and efficient handling of authorizations

The right access for the right person at the right time – that is the task in hand for I&AM solutions. Our experts identify for your company which data needs to be protected and how. We also keep on top of which legal framework conditions have to be fulfilled and which I&AM software is appropriate.

Smart I&AM

Using I&AM effectively for IT and processes

Our consultants will identify your needs and action points in an assessment lasting up to 5 days. The action points  will be broken down according to urgency and value contribution for your company. Only what is worth protecting should be intelligently protected – without disrupting digital processes or causing high IT costs. In a return-on-investment (ROI) calculation, we provide you with a transparent overview of the total costs and savings.

Holistic I&AM strategies

Implementing market-proven I&AM strategies

For over 15 years, our consultants have defined and implemented proven I&AM strategies that go beyond IT. Our tasks for this are:

  • the automation of manual processes
  • establishing user-friendly processes
  • automatic verification and compliance with safety-relevant specifications on a rule basis
  • Creating transparency for management: Who has access to what and why?
  • Integrating IT and business stakeholders in a timely and transparent manner.

We provide your employees with a practical understanding of identity and access management. If I&AM is mastered securely, it contributes significantly to the success and acceptance of digital processes within your company.