Global Business Radar

More data, even more opportunities

Big Data has become something bigger than hype: modern companies automatically generate and collect huge amounts of data. Those who want to generate decisive competitive advantages from this data mainly require primarily one factor: an innovative set of analysis tools. The Global Business Radar by Horváth facilitates innovation. It analyzes mass data automatically and highly efficiently. Information that is essential for decision-making on key market movements and trends, the relevant players, and the corresponding opportunities and risks are, therefore, just a single mouse click away. With the help of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, our customers make better decisions faster. Comprehensive research results provide strategic guidance within a short time and hence offer a significant competitive advantage.

Successful implementation of Big Data analyses

An essential success factor for the implementation of Big Data analyses is the identification of relevant use cases. The data not only has to be interpreted but also converted into meaningful action plans. For this reason, experts from Horváth work closely with our customers in an initial workshop to develop individual areas of application for the particular company.

Sample questions:

  • How do the prices of crucial resources change?
  • Which products are in particularly high demand in which market?
  • Which distribution channels are ideal for my products?
  • How is my market positioning compared to the competition?

In the analysis phase, proven research methods are selectively combined with the innovative analysis techniques of the Global Business Radar. This results in a reliable basis for strategic decisions for our clients.   

Based on the core results, recommendations for further action are compiled transparently as a management report and discussed with the client. In this way, all essential decision factors can be gathered at a glance and comprehensively evaluated. 

Bundling competencies and optimizing decisions

To fully exploit the potential of innovative Big Data analyses, the integration into the particular business context is of crucial importance. Only by combining functional process expertise and technical know-how can strategically important information be obtained, and better decisions be made.

Horváth bundles the essential competencies in interdisciplinary and agile teams. Our management consulting experts, who have in-depth industry and technical knowledge, collaboratively work with data scientists from the Horváth Steering Lab, who are specialists in the application of innovative analysis techniques.

The Global Business Radar establishes ideal prerequisites for the optimization and acceleration of decision-making processes - ensuring that the next step into the future of your company is guaranteed to be a step in the right direction.