Compliance and Controls

Satisfying compliance intelligently

Satisfying compliance in an intelligent manner guarantees the existence of your company. This also gives you the opportunity to achieve a strategic competitive advantage. We work with you to design any company processes that are subject to regulatory provisions. In this way, we avoid bureaucratic hurdles and establish efficient processes. To do so, increasing the level of standardization and automation effectively is essential.


Establishing ICS as an efficiency driver

Deep process understanding is the prerequisite for integrating an efficient and effective internal control system (ICS) and an information security management system (ISMS). Implemented well, modern ICS and ISMS guarantee the reliability of processes within your company and support your processes intelligently.

Proven ICS and ISMS solutions

Conducting business processes in a structured manner

For almost two decades, our experienced consultants have defined and implemented proven ICS and ISMS solutions. Our core topics are:

  • Satisfying applicable compliance requirements and maintaining the same level of process efficiency
  • Reducing liability risks   
  • Ensuring that business processes are carried out properly

ICS and ISMS represent a company-wide matter and contribute significantly to success and to compliance acceptance. It is therefore important for us that these are mastered and secure.