Digitization of Production

Identifying digitization potential

New technologies come to the market almost every day. However, their potential is often not utilized. Whether its availability and quality of information, repetitive manual tasks in the production process, or poor material efficiency: There are many opportunities to digitize your production in various ways. Our experts identify digitization opportunities that increase value and efficiency and support you to utilize unused potential.

Value-generating digitization

Evaluating and prioritizing digitization initiatives

Our team first defines promising digitization initiatives together with you. Then we quantify and evaluate the operative effects on the value-creation chain and finances of the respective initiatives. We also consider the risks of implementing digitalization for you. Finally, we prioritize your initiatives.

Making digitization potential measurable

Digitalizing E2E processes

Our interdisciplinary team of process and technology experts evaluated the ongoing digitization initiatives according to their value-increasing and financial effects for a technology leader in machine tools. We showed them the effects on their E2E processes and quantified them using concrete KPIs like the reduction of throughput time and the increase in productivity.

We presented the financial impact through the use of a cost-benefit analysis. To do so, we compared the individual initiatives, cost savings, and the increase in profit margins. At the end of the project, we evaluated and prioritized the ongoing digitization initiatives.