Process Mining

Continuously improving business processes

Monitoring and controlling business processes efficiently is an essential prerequisite for companies in achieving their goals and increasing their performance. For this reason, data-based analysis of processes – process mining – is becoming increasingly important for your company. We show you how to make efficient use of the digital footprints created in your IT systems and databases when executing business processes. This enables you to visualize how your business processes function in reality and to identify weak points.

Effective process control

Implementing process mining as a valuable monitoring tool

We assist your company in implementing process mining:

  • Selecting “the right” processes
  • Detecting process weaknesses by means of process mining analyses
  • Integrating process mining in company controls

Your company benefits from our extensive process mining know-how. And in particular from our many years of experience: We develop industry-specific process solutions and successful control approaches for you.

Operative process controls in real time

Accelerating process improvements

As part of process optimization projects, process mining accelerates the documentation of as-is processes and eliminates the need for lengthy workshops. Our experts extract your process data from supporting IT systems and analyze it using process mining software. The result: We visualize the actual reality of your process, detecting current weak points.

Modern process mining solutions are able to analyze large quantities of data and to communicate occurring difficulties during execution of processes in real time. In just a few steps, they can identify the cause of deviations in process performance and initiate countermeasures in a timely manner.