Process Excellence

Establishing a strong foundation for digitalization

The digital transformation is confronting companies with the challenge of digitalizing their business models and processes. This requires them to take a cross-functional end-to-end view and adapt established process structures. At the same time, increased customer demands require seamless integration of the customer journey into all processes and require processes to be managed on the basis of real-time data. The implementation of new technologies such as CX tools, workflow systems, RPA or S/4HANA is dependent on precise process knowledge. Your company also needs process owners to develop these solutions further. Together with our experts, you will analyze how processes work in your company, which processes can be standardized, and which may be obsolete.

Business process management

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs

Holistic business process management forms the essential basis

  • for assessing the strategic necessity of business processes,
  • for standardizing processes and aligning them with the customer,
  • for appointing and empowering process owners,
  • for developing a process-oriented organization
  • and for establishing process-based management.

For the process analysis stage we use enhanced activity-based costing methodology in conjunction with process mining. This approach makes it possible to map and measure the processes in place. The results of the process analysis can then be used for process optimization, for instance in terms of cause-based product cost calculation or scenario-based capacity management.

Business process management approach

Developing a company-specific vision

DAX-30 corporate groups and SMEs successfully use our proven business process management approach. Together with industry best practices, it forms the strong foundation you need to develop an approach that is tailored to your business. For us, business process management represents the link between your corporate strategy and its implementation in your day-to-day business. Our framework includes all dimensions of holistic process excellence and is supported by our consultants based on your individual requirements and objectives. We will support you in:

  • defining the objectives for your business process management,
  • analyzing processes,
  • optimizing and implementing process management methods and tools,
  • anchoring these methods and tools within the company through suitable change measures, and 
  • developing the skills of your employees.