Organizational Transformation

Effectively change and optimize organizations

Globalization, digitalization, hyper-competition, raised standards: In a market environment of increasing complexity, more is being required of companies, including in terms of their organizational structure. Typical questions may focus on the degree of centralization or decentralization, automation of processes, or the allocation of staff to different functions and countries, for example. Additionally, the objective for companies is to further improve the way that they address customer requirements, and simultaneously to ensure that a competitive cost structure is in place. As well as the operational environment, operating methods are also changing. Autonomy, agility, and creativity are increasingly in demand. Our experts will help you to effectively optimize your organization and enhance your performance. Together, we can analyze your existing company structures and processes, define role structures, and align your operational control to help achieve a target structure.

Target Operating Model

Optimum alignment of strategy and structure

Our consultants take an integrated approach to securing your company’s success by simultaneously handling strategic and organizational issues, as well as process-related questions. We refer to this as a Target Operating Model (TOM). With our proven TOM design approach, we keep all your business fields and functions in view, and optimize your organization on an efficient and sustainable basis:

  • Analysis: Identifying strategic action points, reviewing the existing operating model, deriving design principles, and defining guiding organizational principles.
  • Design: Developing options for the target outcome based on the design principles, and substantiating a TOM in concrete terms
  • Transformation: Defining implementation measures, developing a change concept, and supporting the change

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