Why innovate?

Determine the status of your own innovation management and focus on relevant future scenarios

With our experts, you determine the state of innovation management in your company. With our practical tools, you can analyze and compare where you stand in the industry with regard to your ability to innovate and which processes and structures offer development potential. Detecting specific innovation gaps is the prerequisite for developing a structured and transparent innovation strategy in collaboration with you. Future scenarios from trend analyses and scenario development place your organization in a valuable, extended, contextual and temporal context. In this way, we support you in effectively integrating the future into your present day business.

Innovation Maturity Assessment

Determine development potential for innovation work

We empower you to gain a transparent insight into the capabilities and limitations of your current innovation management. Our targeted analysis of innovation processes and structures - supplemented by best practice examples - shows the development potential for your company. Our Innovation Maturity Assessment forms the basis for taking your innovation management to the next level.

Innovation Gap

Recognize innovation gaps and close them in a targeted manner

With our proven Innovation Gap Analysis, you can compare your current market performance portfolio with your innovation and growth targets and draw conclusions about development potential. Together, we identify qualitative and quantitative discrepancies between pipelines and targets. Our experts develop recommendations for action with you on how to close the identified gaps purposefully and effectively.

Pictures of the future

Be successful in the markets of tomorrow

Actively confronting the future is essential and crucial for your company. Trend analysis and scenario technology enable you to identify potential developments at an early stage. This means that you are able to develop strong ideas and measures to optimally use these trends for your company. Together we design future scenarios and deduce future-proof strategies for your company. And therefore actively working towards a desirable future.

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