Where to innovate?

Defining innovation fields, developing disruptive ideas and creating ecosystems

Together with our experts, you will develop a clear picture of how you can deal with the topic of innovation in a targeted, systematic and success-oriented manner. First, you develop or test your innovation strategy, define promising innovation fields and create a future-proof innovation portfolio. In the Ideation Factory you explore disruptive or incremental ideas and firm up the first prototypes iteratively about design development and customer tests. Our experts help you to build digital and physical ecosystems and partnerships to expand your sales area.

Innovation Strategy

Develop superior innovation strategies

By defining a targeted innovation strategy, you give your innovation management a clear focus. With your management team and supported by our consultants, you then define the most promising fields of innovation and develop ways to develop them. Based on your market position and your abilities, we create coordinated innovation approaches and a clearly structured innovation portfolio.

Ecosystem Innovation

Create and use future-proof cooperations

Based on the wishes and needs of the customers, you and our experts derive scope for new opportunities that goes beyond your previous industry boundaries. To do so, you will develop innovative value propositions along the customer journey, and examine what components of your current business model could have the potential for expansion into an ecosystem. We support you in building an ecosystem, to seek the right partners, to integrate them and operationalize the new ecosystem in your organization.

Ideation Factory

To systematically identify opportunities and gain competitive advantages

Our consultants help you to open the innovation “funnel” wide. You methodically develop ideas and approaches with your team for innovative products, services, business models or processes. With our creative, practical and targeted workshop formats, you develop innovation ideas based on the four core perspectives of ideation, which can help you to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage: customer-focused, market-based, future-oriented and technology-driven.

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