Optimization and Operations Research

Achieve maximum efficiency with mathematical optimization

Customer satisfaction, energy consumption or cash flow: Mathematical optimization leads to significant improvements in all business units. We show you how to capture your processes with mathematical models and switch to the optimal solution. 30 experienced Quantitative Business Modelers (QBMs) from the Horváth & Partners Steering Lab combine business with advanced analytics. Our Optimization Team supports you in optimizing logistics and supply chain processes as well as developing dynamic pricing and market-driven merchandising.

Customized applications

Apply the mathematical optimum of digital processes

Digital processes generate data and are captured in a virtual world. Our experts use mathematical models and probabilistic simulations to identify the optimal solution for your company. We collaborate with you to effectively integrate these into the existing process landscape by providing customized applications.

Proven approach to finding solutions

Create measurable added value

Our solutions in the field of optimization and operations research have proven successful for a variety of business models in a wide range of industries. For example, a railway company was able to significantly increase its profitability by optimizing network and wagon capacities. In the retail and wholesale sector, we create directly measurable added value in the creation of market-oriented product lines, in machine-optimized dynamic pricing, discounting or effective promotions. We combine traditional methods from operations research with modern pricing algorithms and enable companies to maximize the top and bottom line as well as to optimize margins and contribution margins.