Artificial Intelligence

Effectively establish digital products and customer services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables companies to effectively provide digital customer services of the future. Intelligent assistants take on tasks fully automatically and are controlled by natural language or in combination with extensive sensor technology. With us you take the step from “smart” to “intelligent”. Our experts will accompany you to introduce intelligent automation and customization of actions or services for your customers and employees.

AI as a development field

Successfully combining research and application

The AI ​​team of our Steering Lab is dedicated to basic research and in cooperation with universities such as the Technical University of Munich. We use state-of-the-art algorithms and technologies to develop applied intelligent systems for you. For this reason, we rely on our proven in-house solutions and totally independent of cloud providers. In this way, we ensure information security and individuality.

AI vision

Laying the foundations today

Our consultants will show you how to provide your processes and products with intelligence. They use the cognitive understanding and decision-making abilities of intelligent models to derive actions and evaluations from unstructured data such as text, voice, images and video. Intelligent systems identify the needs of your customers and create the optimal product.

Our Steering Lab develops and provides learning systems to bestow intelligence upon entire environments, such as production halls, offices or vehicles. Intelligent assistants automate your business-specific processes, such as customer services, employee training or reporting. Through learning processes, intelligent and networked products personalize themselves and increase their efficiency as well as the satisfaction of their users. In After Sales, chatbots take over fundamental areas of your services. This enables you to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.