Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Generate added value through automation, optimization and recommendations for action

Data science and advanced analytics are about generating value through algorithms from millions of data and information, as well as through automation, optimization and recommendations for action. 30 experienced Quantitative Business Modelers (QBMs) from the Horváth & Partners Steering Lab combine business with data science and advanced analytics.

Our core competences

Effectively increase performance through QBM

Our Steering Lab offers proven solutions. Our three core competences are in the areas of

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Optimization and Operations Research
  • Artificial Intelligence

We identify use cases with you in hands-on workshops. Our experts provide your management with a comprehensive overview of how you can effectively increase your performance through QBM. When implementing our solutions, you benefit from our expertise in management consulting and our strong data science expertise.

Steering Lab Framework

Become a digital company with algorithmic steering

Since 2014, our Steering Lab has developed its own QMB Framework, which has been developed from over 100 projects and includes solutions for all sectors and functions. With this framework, you can implement the digitization of your business in record time and with optimal resource allocation.

We offer you a unique transformative and structured approach to digitization - with algorithms as the foundation. Together with our experienced consultants you prioritize your use cases and profit from synergy effects on all dimensions:

  • functional
  • business
  • algorithmic
  • data-driven
  • capacitive
  • resources

We will create a transformative road map for you. The goal: a digital company with algorithmic steering.