Agile mindset

Establishing agility as an attitude

Organizations don't become agile just because employees now stand in meetings or a nice board adorns the office. Companies must ask themselves how they can bring about a fundamental change in the attitude and mindset of their employees and management. Our experts show you how to “unlearn” old patterns and establish new principles of agility, such as self-controlling, the courage to create 80/20 solutions, and individual responsibility, over the long term. We work with you to successfully implement an agile transformation in your company.

Agile cooperation

Getting employees hyped for their own company

You are faced with the duty of explaining to your employees what the catchword “agility” means for your company in concrete terms. For instance, according to which criteria appropriate pilot units are selected, or whether agile teams have new privileges like flexible working times and a budget they developed themselves. Which management structures are associated with the holocracy model is also important to your employees. Defining specific guardrails for your iterative journey into agile collaboration prevents uncertainty in your teams.

Natural leadership strengths and self-organized teams

Achieving agility goals effectively

With our proven change management approach, we help you to establish an agile mindset so that your employees understand the end goal: 

  • Motivating employees to take passionate personal responsibility when targets are uncertain
  • Developing management into drivers of change that primarily affects their own role. Where do self-organized teams work well and how can they be used sustainably? 
  • Combining efficiency and speed with creativity and responsiveness

Our tested approach combines the technical and social expertise necessary for the successful agile transformation of your company. We work with you to design your company's transition to agile processes – efficiently and sustainably. We know the typical pitfalls and help you to really achieve your agility goals. We look forward to speaking with you. Our consultants will guide you in your change towards being more agile.