Adaptive IT organization

Making IT the digital business enabler

Companies must respond faster and more flexibly to the challenges of digital change. This is the only way to create and increase competitiveness. This changes the classic role of IT in your company. IT becomes the significant designer and driver of digital transformation. An adaptive IT organization allows you to refocus the business in a sustainable manner.

Strong structures

Establishing adaptive IT effectively

Our experts guide you in achieving these tasks:

  • Adaptive IT requires strong governance through policies, structures, and processes. The corporate strategy determines the guidelines of IT and IT activities and how they are governed within the business departments.
  • In order to systematically develop and control innovations in your company, we set up a process for digital innovations that is closely linked to the innovation and strategy process of your company.
  • Agile teams ensure the efficient cooperation of business departments as well as change and run IT. Furthermore, your company needs a comprehensive portfolio and demand management system that enables to control and orchestrate IT activities.
  • Outsourcing commodity IT creates flexibility and allows you to develop strategic IT topics internally. To do so, you have to close flexible contracts with providers.
  • The basis for hybrid approaches in IT development and IT operations is classic and agile methods that we combine with each other. This enables you to deploy them in parallel.
  • We build and strengthen IT skills with a focus on processes, control, digitalization, and innovation together with you. Your employees must be given support in order to prepare them for the challenges of digitalization.
  • Centralized master data management forms the basis for your digital business model.

Our expertise

Implementing proven methods and ensuring flexible deployment

Our consultants assist your company using proven methods when setting up an adaptive IT system. Here, we closely interlink specialist departments and IT (run and change IT). We further develop your cooperation model with regard to the demands of digitalization. We make your organization and your processes more flexible by means of agile procedures. In addition, we also ensure that your separate teams are integrated in a cross-organizational manner via a solid governance and management framework.