Agile Transformation

Making established organizations flexible

Digitalization presents the company organization with great challenges: Answers to new questions should come quickly out of traditional structures. We help you to turn concepts like artificial intelligence, robotics, predictive analytics, or cloud computing into value-generating elements of your company. Together, we will establish a suitable organization in which organizational units are more flexible and react more quickly.

Modern organization

Establishing agile units and cultures

Modern organizations are adaptable. They respond flexibly to external dynamics, depending on the requirements and situation. Agile projects and structured organizational units harmonize them. The demands placed on employees in specialist departments are high. Because only those who are highly specialized and have effectively combined flexible ways of thinking and acting will establish and exemplify an agile organization. Our experts will guide you along this journey.

Agile transformation program

Redesigning operational units

We have in-depth expertise in the area of “agile transformation” and can help you redesign your organizational units. Our consultants can assist you with the following tasks:

  • Implementing necessary change in the mindset and culture
  • Setting up agile innovative structures
  • Establishing an agile workforce
  • Managing agile organizational units and projects
  • Establishing an agile organization within the CFO area
  • Establishing an agile organization within IT