Work & Life: In Balance

All in Harmony.

Working at a consultancy with exciting projects and clients is time-consuming. This makes it all the more important to have an environment that supports the balancing act between work and leisure. An environment that offers the ideal conditions for you to thrive in your job while leaving room for your personal well-being.

Benefits and free time

Sticking to a daily routine as a consultant is fairly unlikely. Things can get very busy here. You are often on the road and the projects are demanding. But time and space for personal well-being are just as important.

Our New Work concept creates additional flexibility. At least two days on site with the client, up to two days working remotely or from home, and one office day a week provide a balance between travel and working on site. We tend to work according to this concept, but exceptions are always possible. We offer a variety of part-time options, tailored to your personal situation and requirements.

Flexible working conditions and breaks

Do you want to take time off to pursue a personal dream? Time with family, building a home or traveling the world?

We offer flexible working models, and the option of a sabbatical. We are happy to support dedicated employees in putting their personal plans into action, and then in seamlessly reintegrating into consultancy on their return.

Family life and job security

Becoming parents, suddenly needing to care for a loved one – there is a whole range of situations that can bring big personal change. Sometimes these situations require a quick, unbureaucratic solution. That’s why we provide you with a number of options to create the time and space you need.

With individually designed working hours models, projects close to home, temporary work reassignment, and the option of switching to a role in one of our internal function areas, we support you in harmonizing your personal and professional life. Our internal contact persons are available to answer questions about mental health, and externally a service provider assists in arranging (emergency) childcare slots an offer advice on topics such as elder care.


Our initiative offers you a forum specifically for issues relating to parental leave. As well as parental leave help and tips, all participants regularly engage in discussion. We also stay in touch with you during your leave, and we consult with you to design your return to work.