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You want to get to know the world of consulting or one of our Corporate Functions during your studies, but you still have questions? Then you can find our answers here! Please note that the following questions only cover student employments in the DACH region. For other international opportunities, please check the country-specific websites.

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We regularly ask our students for their opinions – whether it's an internship, student work or thesis. Feedback is very important to us!

I got an answer about my application very fast, the interview was very informal - really more about to get to know me than to ask tricky questions.

I really liked the friendly and open manner, which was consistent from the invitation for the interview via phone call to the onboarding process. I also appreciated receiving feedback on my interview.

I was really happy to be able to participate as an intern in the teams and center events. It made me feel valued and part of the team. It was also very valuable to get to know other colleagues and to exchange experiences and projects in order to gain a better understanding of the profession of a consultant.

There was regular informal feedback. I felt constantly and continuosly supported by my mentor in various ways.

My mentor gave me a lot of responsibility but also supported and was there for me if tasks where too challenging for my level of experience.


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