Management consultancy Horváth gains further market share

  •  In the past financial year, sales exceeded 300 million euros for the first time 
  • Horváth grew by around 13% in the past financial year despite a more difficult market environment, once again outperforming the market, after having grown 23% in the previous year 
  • Partnership strengthened internationally with five new partners as of April 1st  

The internationally active management consultancy Horváth, headquartered in Stuttgart, closed its past financial year (April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024) with significant double-digit sales growth. In particular, international business in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA and the United Arab Emirates drove turnover to well over 300 million euros - another record year. Driven by international business and companies' high need for transformation, the Management Board is also forecasting continued double-digit growth for the 2024/2025 financial year. The ambitious plans are being realized by a strengthened management team: on April 1st, five new partners from Germany, Hungary, Romania, and the Middle East were elected to the partnership, which now consists of around 70 top managers. 

"The fact that we have grown by a total of 40 percent in the Group over the past two years, which is well above the industry average, is due not only to the exceptional commitment of our highly motivated teams on a daily basis, but above all to our highly sought-after transformation expertise and our strong implementation skills. Our growth is also being driven by our increasingly international business," summarizes Helmut Ahr, CEO of Horváth. "The massive pressure for change in all industries and the associated need for transformation in our clients' business models is greater than ever before - and it will continue." 

Partnership enriched by diversity and AI-expertise 

In line with the international growth, the majority of the new partners appointed on April 1st are also made up of managers from international Horváth locations. Compared to previous years, the proportion of new female members has increased, as has the proportion of new managers with proven digital and AI expertise. 

The following partners were newly elected to the partnership:  

Maria Boldor has been successfully expanding the Horváth company in Bucharest, Romania, for over 17 years. She specializes in transformation projects with a strategic or operational focus as well as S/4HANA projects.  

Matthias Emler has been expanding Horváth's service portfolio in the field of data science and artificial intelligence since 2013. The BI expert is also head of a successful conference series in Germany on digital corporate management. 

Saad Hamam, an expert in strategy and performance management, has been driving Horváth's expansion in the Middle East region since 2014. Due to his excellent sales skills and leadership qualities, Saad Haman was appointed Managing Director of the region in 2020. 

Vera Koltai, a proven HR and organizational expert, has been with IFUA Horváth in Budapest for over 15 years. She successfully heads the Organization & Operation division in Hungary. 

Tobias Steinhauser has been with Horváth for eight years and heads the R&D and Procurement consulting division. He has more than 15 years of procurement experience, both in line functions and as a consultant.