Horváth on course for growth with new brand identity

International management consultancy Horváth & Partners, which celebrates its 40th birthday this year, is preparing for further growth in the coming years. To this end, it has, among other things, adapted its brand identity. At the heart of the new branding is the shortening of the brand name to Horváth. The previous name element "& Partners" will no longer be used. In the logo as well as in the entire brand presence, the new pictorial symbol of the double rhombus will be the visual focus in the future. In terms of content, the expansion of the fast-growing transformation consulting business will play a key role. 

The shortening of the brand name to Horváth and the expansion as a digital brand associated with the rebranding is a consistent step towards honing brand perception in international competition. "Many of our clients and market observers already refer to us succinctly as 'the Horváths'. Focusing on this name and the double rhombus as a pictorial symbol in a modern design will help us to further increase brand awareness," says Dr. Michael Kieninger, CEO of the Horváth Group. “The two rhombuses symbolize cooperation in collaboration - with our clients and within the Horváth teams. They show a dialog and, at the same time, the transition to different states in the sense of transformation.” 

"In fast-moving times like these, organizations need to continuously transform themselves and use change as an opportunity to remain competitive. We also make this demand of ourselves," says Michael Kieninger. "We are constantly evolving, and our new branding is part of that evolution."

In the fortieth year since it was founded by its namesake Professor Péter Horváth, Horváth is known far beyond its home country's borders for concepts and solutions in strategic and operational performance management. The consultants support their clients in the development and implementation of comprehensive transformation programs, both in individual business units and at the level of the company as a whole. 

Kieninger: "Global megatrends such as digitalization or sustainable business to achieve climate targets are intensifying the need for change in addition to companies' own strategic choices. Modern software technologies such as digital platforms, the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence are both drivers and enablers of transformation. The decision-makers must find the right strategic and operative responses to further develop their business model, organizational structures and employees, as well as processes and technologies, in a holistic way and align them sustainably."  

The consultants provide further explanations, videos and images of the new branding the website at www.horvath-partners.com/branding_en .