Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Personal Development & equal Opportunities

Open and appreciative interaction on an equal footing is just as normal for us as equal opportunities and possibilities for each of our employees. We ensure this with a variety of measures as part of our Diversity & Inclusion initiative.

We attach great importance to open and trusting interaction.

In keeping with our corporate values of openness and trust, we cultivate open and tolerant interaction and are committed to providing an appreciative working environment for all employees - regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and world view, sexual orientation and social origin.

We ensure our high standards with a variety of measures. Our internal principles of conduct form the basis of our work together. Mandatory bias and diversity awareness training help sensitize our colleagues to recognize bias, reflect on unconscious behavior and make objective decisions. Our confidential counsellors are also available for a discussion at any time.

We support individual needs.

A diverse environment is not only normal for us, but also the key to our success. That is why we support our employees on an individual basis. We offer flexible working hours - from part-time models to time off in the form of a sabbatical or a temporary workation abroad. With the help of an external service provider, you can access a range of support services for all situations in life: from the provision of domestic help, care services for children and relatives in need of care, to preventive healthcare and many seminars.

Our specially designed "Female Empowerment Program" supports and motivates female colleagues in developing their talents in the best possible way. In addition to specific offers and training, our cooperation with nushu, an external women's network, provides women at Horváth with the best conditions to grow personally and professionally. Our goal is to consistently increase the proportion of women at our company across all levels and to create long-term prospects.

We provide room for exchange.

Our internal networks were founded by committed employees with a focus on exchange, networking, mutual support and empowerment. Women@Horváth meet regularly at our offices to pass on knowledge in workshops and provide mutual support in the buddy program. Parents@Horváth offers tips and an exchange of experience on how to balance work and family and how to seamlessly return to work after parental leave. Our Proud Network is committed to a welcoming internal and external environment for LGBTQIA+ people.  Our colleagues exchange information with networks and organizations, take part in events such as Sticks & Stones and ensure a colorful community.

We are committed to inclusion and diversity.

We also promote inclusion and diversity outside Horváth. We have made a clear statement by signing the Diversity Charter and the United Nations Global Compact and by also supporting local initiatives such as Zurich Pride. Our cooperation with the external women's network nushu and events such as herCAREER and Sticks & Stones demonstrates our commitment to equal opportunities in consulting and working life.

We take a hands-on approach to sharing our knowledge. Our Purpose Days give our colleagues the opportunity to get involved in pro bono projects.

We attach great importance to open and trusting interaction.

"Diversity is not just a "nice-to-have". Different perspectives benefit everyone and play a decisive role in the success of a company. Now and especially in the future. Open and appreciative interaction is a fundamental part of our value system and an absolute top priority for our entire management team."

Stefan, Chief People Officer