IT, digital, data and analytics

Data-driven business

Digital solutions play an important role in many projects. Software technologies are developing rapidly and their potential for companies is enormous. Their range of applications is diverse – from the automation of corporate processes and the digitalization of business models or the customer interface, to digitalized products and services and AI-supported corporate management. Horváth Digital can offer you digital expertise and technological approaches.

IT management consulting

Establishing IT as an effective business enabler

Digitalization, automation, transformation and flexibility are gaining increasing importance for companies, and permanently changing the corporate IT business model. By closely integrating IT into your strategic corporate management approach, you can make it an effective and integral business enabler. We will show you how to use and manage innovations, investments, IT skills and the sourcing mix in a targeted and entrepreneurial manner.

Data science, BI & analytics

Generate competitive advantages with data-driven management of all corporate divisions

Data science, business intelligence (BI) and analytics are evolving as best practices for systematic, data-driven analysis and corporate management. New methods and technologies such as advanced analytics, big data, AI, the cloud and natural language processing are key drivers in this respect. Our consultants will be happy to share their expert knowledge and experience to help modernize your platform for data science, BI & analytics applications. Together we can leverage new digital potential for your company controls, giving you a competitive edge.

Intelligent automation

Reduce costs and improve process quality

Digitalization raises customers’ quality and service expectations, but companies also need to operate in a cost-neutral and efficient manner in a dynamic market environment. However, selective automation initiatives often fail to achieve the goal of effectively increasing efficiency. In view of this challenge, it is useful to take a holistic approach. Our experts are on hand to guide you through the minefield of introducing intelligent process automation in your company.

Digital assets

Boost performance with software-based solutions

Our consulting services provide us with valuable input on how to sustainably increase companies’ performance based on data and algorithms. Together with our ecosystem partners, we develop independent, software-based solutions – or digital assets – for the most promising of these ideas. We will support you in introducing and anchoring our digital assets in your company.