Strategy development

Making company management effective

How is sustainable strategy and business model development effective? The process puts your products and your value proposition in the spotlight, as you analyze customer needs and those customer problems that have not yet been (adequately) solved. Together with our experts, you will lay the foundations for mastering new markets and securing a long-term profitable market position.

Strategic Analysis

Identification and utilization of current trends

Which trends have the potential to change your company and your industry? Our research team will monitor global information sources for you, with which information it can conduct market, competitor and scenario analyses. You also benefit from our membership of the consultancy partnership organization, Cordence Worldwide.

Vision and mission

Developing strong vision and mission statements

Is everyone in your company on the same page? A strong vision and mission gives your employees a keener understanding and purpose for their work, and sets their direction and focus. We work with you to develop a vision and mission that provides an emotional and logical framework for your strategy. This makes it easy to always keep the big picture in view when working on the details. We provide methods and stimuli to sustainably anchor the components purpose, vision, mission, principles and values – both in the company and in the market.

We work with “Leaders on Purpose”, an initiative founded by experts at Harvard, the London School of Economics, MIT and the World Bank. Together, we work out innovative approaches for sustainable corporate development and the management challenges that follow.

Business model development

Making business models effective

In the age of digitalization, social change and ever more fluid industry boundaries, is your current business model still valid? You are faced with the task of continually developing your business model. If you want to be market leader in your peer group, you can no longer rely on old established formulae and success factors. Business models are the core of successful strategies. We analyze and optimize them using innovative procedures. With the 7C concept, we have developed one of the most successful methods for determining and evaluating business models.

Portfolio analysis

Evaluate and improve product portfolio

Which products or services should your company offer, on which markets and to which customers? We show you clearly which technologies, methods and concepts are a worthwhile investment for you. Our experts support you in analyzing your product portfolio. Together, we will improve your portfolio and achieve transparency.


Early identification of market dynamics

How can you better anticipate market dynamics and sustainably improve your strategy? Our consultants work with you to develop different competitive scenarios on the basis of real-time role play. In the process, they investigate strategic questions not only from your company’s perspective, but also those of your competitors and other market participants.