New products and services

Successfully launching innovations on the market

In recent years, creativity methods and other tools have led to an explosion of seemingly good ideas in companies. For many companies the real challenge is in developing these ideas further, designing suitable business models for them and successfully launching them on the market. Our experts will support your company with holistic approaches to innovation – from the initial idea to the successful market launch.

Customer needs

Establishing innovation processes correctly

Despite the widespread use of innovation methodologies such as design thinking and lean startup, most errors occur at the beginning of the innovation process. Incorrectly conducted customer interviews, for example, lead to ideas sometimes being erroneously supported for longer than they should be. The cost of such an error may not be felt until products and services are introduced to the market. Our consultants will work with you to uncover customer needs and address them in the search for a solution.


A holistic, interdisciplinary approach to designing product development processes

In Germany in particular, the term “design” is often defined too narrowly. Design is frequently a discrete step in the product development process, and not something that is devised in interactive development rounds. In addition, the development teams working on an idea are often not interdisciplinary, because companies do not want to take employees away from day-to-day business. Our workshop formats and processes will allow you to develop new products and services holistically, with the involvement of a range of team members and alongside your daily business.

Business model and marketing

Launch a product successfully

The success of a product on the market is what counts. Right from the start, we think about the monetization, business and sales models for your innovation projects. If your product launch is to be successful, it is crucial that you:

  • Design a suitable business model
  • Identify the right sales channels
  • Establish how willing customers are to pay for your product/service

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