Dynamic Production Controlling

Controlling production efficiently

Production controlling primarily consists of a performance indicator system that has grown historically and is prepared in an unstructured manner. Your company must prepare and visualize the correct indicators in an appropriate manner in order to manage production efficiently. In addition, the frequency of benchmarking, from real time to monthly or annually, plays a large role in making the actual situation transparent to you. If you have these factors in mind, you will be able to control your production directly and effectively. Our experts are happy to advise you on this.

Correct performance indicators

Deriving performance indicators from success factors

The basis of an efficient production controlling system is to derive performance indicators from value drivers and success factors. KPI dashboards and detailed reports help us to manage plants with regard to operations. These are visualized for the user and anchored in reporting. We define KPIs according to the principle of standardization and index creation in order to allow for internal benchmarking.

Practical example

Designing plant earning statements and performance indicators individually

For a leading manufacturer of special chemicals, our experienced team of experts designed a plant financial statement for purposes of financial controlling as well as a performance indicator system for purposes of short-term operative controlling. This is how we support dynamic controlling. Over the short and long term. The areas of activity specified the goals for production controlling, the performance indicator system was implemented in SAP.

The following factors, and others, make the project successful:

  • Establishing the controlling dimension together with controlling and plant management
  • Combining financial controlling with operative performance indicators
  • Enabling proactive controls and efficiency improvements