Your benefit

Target-group-appropriate, practically relevant, interactive, and innovative – you will see what sets our enablement programs apart

Perfect-fit training solutions

Each individual program is designed to focus on the content that is relevant to achieving your strategic business objectives. Your learning concepts are custom-tailored, so they are as relevant to your company as possible, and we implement them with a great deal of creativity, commitment and the highest quality requirements. We are also very happy to deliver them at your international location.

Unique expert knowledge

Your further training package brings together expertise from Horváth management consultancy with the teaching the didactic excellence of the Horváth Academy. This unique combination guarantees that your employees will be extremely well-qualified to implement what they’ve learned.

Achieving sustainability through a high degree of practical relevance

The skills-oriented transfer of knowledge, capabilities and proficiencies will enable your employees to immediately integrate what they have learned into their everyday working lives. Our interactive blended learning concepts and top trainers provide optimum support for the transfer of learnings into your business practice. We are very happy to involve internal technical experts in the trainings.

Our advanced learning infrastructure

Our Horváth e-Academy learning platform enables you to integrate digital media such as virtual classrooms, learning videos, or podcasts into your enablement programs, thereby implementing learning on demand. The intuitive structure makes this straightforward to use during self-managed learning and networking.

End-to-end service from a single source

In addition to tailored further training solutions for your individual qualification needs, we also provide expert and sustainable service. In this process, on request we will take the entire training management system over for you.