Performance Alliance

According to the way we see consulting, creating sustainable benefits for the client means implementing powerful performance management concepts in processes and systems which work properly. Without implementation, the best business concept remains mere theory and without a clear concept the best implementation only creates additional work and costs. In a nutshell: Many business concepts are of no use whatsoever in the real world without powerful and effective IT support.

In order to ensure our clients know they are getting not only brilliant concepts but also solutions which will undoubtedly work in the real world of business both today and tomorrow, we take full responsibility for both concept and implementation of our solutions.

To make this claim a reality, the skill-sets of both management consultants and IT consultants must gel without any friction. Our management consultants have such a far reaching understanding of the IT aspects of their work as to enable them to specify their concepts in such a way that they can be implemented in the IT systems. However, our experience from numerous implementation projects shows that considerable costs are incurred in the implementation phase if the nuts and bolts are not implemented according to the letter of the business concept. Avoiding such problems requires close and fully coordinated cooperation between management and IT consultants in all phases of the project. Considerable benefits in terms of both costs and performance can be created when management consultants and IT consultants work from the same page when it comes to methods, quality standards and professional perspectives. This is the goal of the “Performance Alliance” we have established together with selected, high-performance IT service providers.

Depending on the field and software environment, we put together a project team consisting of members of the Performance Alliance who have the optimum qualifications for the specific needs of the client’s special, individual situation. Horváth assume full responsibility for the project from concept design to realization. The team of consultants from the Performance Alliance works with consistent standards and the same understanding of quality. Because we cooperate with specialists for different software solutions, we are not dependent on any one software manufacturer or individual software solution. This enables us to tailor our implementation recommendations fully to our clients’ requirements.

Within the Performance Alliance, we have been working closely together with our partners for many years to successfully implement complex IT projects. In many cases, we bring the client’s IT departments or their preferred IT service providers on board the project team. The Performance Alliance enables us to provide our clients with an implementation which is tailored to their specific needs and ensure the entire solution from concept to realization comes from a single source.